A tale of three cities
24 January, 2020 by
Stephanie Effiom Idowu

"Who I am is where I've been." 


Growing up as a wide-eyed child in Lagos, Africa’s most populous city, my early days were a riot of colours, smells, sounds, tastes and sensations: the earthy aromas of my mother’s cooking, the shimmering blues of the tropical lagoon and the melodic calls of street hawkers. Like many Africans before me, I grew up knowing that to feed your senses is to nourish your soul. My upbringing taught me that the quintessential elements of the good life are family, friends and food, soaked in music and dancing, topped off with laughter and hope. This fuelled my creativity and a passionate desire to help others enjoy life more, and explains why even though Mayen started by accident, I wasn't really that surprised.  


Living in London, the capital of the world exposed me to an abundance of cultures blended within a vibrant metropolitan setting. There were so many sensuous experiences to be had and the best ones were always intercultural. Brazilian Samba Reggae drumming? Sign me up. Ghana/Thai fusion cuisine? Count me in. Indian jazz? I'm there. I gorged myself on cross-cultural experiences and time spent with people from different backgrounds. I saw that amazing things happen when the world comes together. That's why Mayen is devoted to creating beautiful, inclusive products, inspired by the cultures around us, to be enjoyed by all. 

O S L O 

In Oslo, I fell in love with the serenity of the Arctic north. It became clear to me that the answer to the mystery of Scandinavian happiness lies in their focus on enjoying life in the simplest of ways: to promote wellbeing in yourself and in others and to make the most of our surroundings. That's why the concepts of  hygge, fika and koselig  have such universal appeal. Mayen channels these principles of Scandinavian simplicity into our design. Our self-care products are designed to elevate your wellbeing by celebrating your individuality. We use sustainably sourced plant-based ingredients to help you nourish your skin and take care of our world.  


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