Morning always comes
2 September, 2019 by
Stephanie Effiom Idowu

Happy new month, everyone! 

Over the last few days, I have been reminded of the ‘newness’ many of us feel at the start of September. It is very similar to the theme of our SUNRISE™ collection.  Many people feel that they can make a fresh start in September, and that is what this collection is all about. As you may have guessed, the SUNRISE™ collection is inspired by the morning. My favourite thing about the morning is that it always comes.

Whenever I am going through a difficult time, I am able to hold onto to the hope that things will get better because I know that morning always comes. Life is full of negative experiences that can leave you feeling less than whole. For many of us, these experiences come from interactions with other people, difficult circumstances or even with products that we try to use (hands up if you've ever walked into a beauty store and couldn't find a foundation in your shade.)

I created Mayen in the hope that our bespoke beauty products could play a part in healing some of those emotional scars that make us feel that we are not beautiful, or do not deserve to feel beautiful. Mayen creates products to celebrate your individuality and affirm your sense of self. We want the negative beliefs about your beauty to fade away, and to be replaced with new feelings of self-love and appreciation of your individuality when you use our products. That’s why our motto is “Feel good. Feel you.”

So I am excited to share with you the #sunriseplaylist filled with beautiful music that reminds us to allow pain to fade and look ahead to a brighter tomorrow. Of course, I think it is best enjoyed at sunrise, but feel free to listen to it whenever you want. I won’t pretend that deep emotional scars can be fixed by listening to a 45-minute playlist, but I know the power of music can help. So when you hear Nina sing “here comes the sun, little darling”, think of the good thing that represents the ‘sun’ in your life, and know that just like the sunrise, it will surely come. 

The SUNRISE playlist

Featuring Nina Simone, Solange, Sampha, The XX, Debussy and more 

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